Transforming Family Conflict:

an exploration of the contexts, skills
and perceptions of four community peacebuilders

A Case Study Research Project Report
by David Ketchum, Holly Ketchum and Ma Somethea

for Peace Bridges
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
August 2009


Part 1: Introduction
1.1 Background and Rationale
Project Description
1.2 Objectives & Methodology

1.3 Sources of Data

1.4 The Research Team

Part 2: Theoretical Foundations
2.1 Family Conflict in Cambodia

2.2 Theoretical Foundations

2.2.1 Case Study Methodology
2.2.2 Typologies of Domestic Violence
2.2.3 Healthy Families and Conflict Management

2.3 Peace Bridges' Unique Position

Part 3: Discussion of Major Findings

3.1 Context of Family Conflict
3.1.1 Type of Conflict/Violence Please Understand Me…. Verbal Aggression Reconciliation after Conflict Aggravating & Limiting Factors
3.1.2 Social Indicators Gender Roles and Stereotypes Political Structure Religious Beliefs Attitudes toward Violence State-Sponsored Violence; Migration Patterns
3.2 Transforming Family Conflict
3.2.1 Commitment to the Family
3.2.2 Spousal Equality
3.2.3 Parenting that Nurtures, Protects and Guides
3.2.4 Respect for Differences & Needs
3.2.5 Trust & Stability
3.2.6 Flexibility
3.2.7 Open Communication
3.2.8 Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution
3.2.9 Shared Life Values
3.2.10 Social Support Systems

Part 4: Conclusions & Recommendations
4.1 Engaging Values and Attitudes
4.2 Including Men, Women, and Children
4.3 Keeping the Family Together
4.4 Enlarging the Possibilities